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Because of the industry-leading technology behind Cynosure® Elite+™, you can achieve the smooth, touchable, more even-toned skin you deserve. If you’ve ever wondered if laser hair removal is right for you, schedule a consultation at Dr. Al Family and Urgent Care in Woodbridge, Virginia. Your provider designs a laser hair removal package that’s customized to your hair color and texture, so you can experience optimal results as quickly as possible. Learn more about laser hair removal by booking your appointment either online or by phone today.

Laser Hair Removal Q & A

What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

The Cynosure Elite+ platform is an Nd:YAG laser that has 755nm and 1064nm wavelength capabilities. This allows your provider to customize your laser hair removal treatment to the color and texture of your hair, as well as to your skin tone, to accommodate a range of unique skin conditions. 

Laser hair removal with the Cynosure Elite+ system is beneficial because it:

  • Provides air-cooling throughout treatments for maximum comfort
  • Saves you time — no more at-home hair removal necessary
  • Destroys hair cells for dramatic hair reduction results
  • Targets only hair without damaging your skin

The Cynosure Elite+ applicator is interchangeable, so your specialist can target small areas, like your upper lip and chin, as well as larger areas, such as your legs, back, and chest. No area is too small or too large when it comes to laser hair removal!

When can I expect results with laser hair removal?

You’re going to need several laser hair removal sessions to experience serious results. But you don’t need to grow your hair out between sessions (unlike waxing). This allows you to continue shaving as normal up until the day before your laser hair removal session at Dr. Al Family and Urgent Care.

Most men and women notice a reduction in their hair growth within a few weeks of their first session. After each treatment you have, you should find that your hair grows back thinner and lighter than ever before. Over time — usually after about four to eight monthly treatments — most treated hair entirely stops growing back. 

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Although any hair reduction you experience with Cynosure Elite+ is permanent, new hair growth is possible in the future. Usually this occurs because of natural hormonal fluctuations that both men and women experience as they get older.

Women are particularly susceptible to minor issues with new hair growth during pregnancy and menopause. In any case, if you find that you have hair growing back in the future, you’re welcome to come back to Dr. Al Family and Urgent Care for a touch-up session to target those stubborn spots.

Book your laser hair removal evaluation at Dr. Al Family and Urgent Care today. You can conveniently schedule through the website or over the phone. 

Individual results may vary.

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