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Most children need annual school physicals to ensure they’re developing properly, are generally healthy, and are protected against communicable diseases. With the help of the compassionate providers at Dr. Al Family and Urgent Care in Woodbridge, Virginia, your child can undergo a routine school physical at a flexible time that’s convenient for you. If your child is due for a school physical, you can book an appointment through the website, or you can call the clinic directly.

School Physicals Q & A

Why do schools require physical exams?

Most public and private educational institutions require that all students undergo routine physicals before the start of each new school year. These school physicals are important to:

  • Prevent communicable disease and get updated vaccines
  • Screen for mental health issues or learning disabilities
  • Check for signs of developmental delays or concerns
  • Manage chronic conditions, including asthma

School physicals are also important to track your child’s growth and development. By visiting with the same doctor year after year, you build a relationship with someone who knows your child and monitors them closely. 

If your child participates in sports, dance, or other physical extracurricular activity, they may also need a sports physical. This type of exam includes additional tests to ensure your child doesn’t have any limitations that may affect their performance or make it unsafe for them to participate. 

What happens during a school physical?

Dr. Al Family and Urgent Care provides school physicals for children of all ages. Exams are personalized to your child’s age and health history, as well as any special concerns they may have. It’s common for school physicals to include:

  • Height and weight check
  • Cardiovascular screenings
  • Routine urine and blood tests
  • Vision, hearing, and neurological screening
  • Assessment of family and personal health history

Your child may also need vaccinations, including the annual flu shot. Providers at Dr. Al Family and Urgent Care talk with you and your child throughout every step of their school physical, so you know exactly what to expect. 

How do I prepare my child for a school physical?

It can be stressful for children to know they have an upcoming doctor’s visit, especially if they know blood draws or shots are involved. To prepare your child for their upcoming school physical at Dr. Al Family and Urgent Care, it’s helpful to:

  • Talk with them about what to expect
  • Let them know that it’s okay to ask questions
  • Write down a list of concerns or questions your child has

Most schools require that your doctor fills out a form. Please bring this document, as well as your child’s identification, with you to your exam. Dr. Al Family and Urgent Care providers help you with all paperwork your child’s school requires.

Dr. Al Family and Urgent Care provides comprehensive school physicals in a caring environment. You can book your child’s exam either online or over the phone today.